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Buy 2 or more masks and get free shipping to continental USA. No coupon code required.

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The Specs

Size* Horizontal Width** Vertical Length** Recommended 
Kid 5.25″ 5″ Kids up to 12
Small 6.25″ 6″ Teen or woman with smaller head
Medium 7″ 6.5″ Our one size fits most
Large 8.5″ 7.25″ Men or woman with larger head


*Smaller or larger sizes than the ones listed above are available upon request

** Every mask is cut and sewn by hand; each is unique in print placement and measurement. Please expect a +/- half inch error margin.


Standard Mask Filter Pocket Mask
Two-Ply: 100% prewashed quilting/woven cotton Upon request X
Three-Ply: 100% prewashed woven cotton (inner/outer) and 100% non-woven 65GSM polypropylene (middle) X Comes with a 3-layer 100% polypropylene removable/washable filter
Adjustable ear loops using 1/8″ (3mm) elastic band with high elasticity X X
Soft premium quality double wire band X X
Printed fabric in the front and coordinated color in the back. X X

Disclaimer: Made by Karina mask are not medical-grade masks like the N95.  They are not FDA approved but we do follow and exceeds the guidelines from the CDC.

Standard 3-ply Mask Filter Pocket Mask
Wash* Warm soapy water i.e. normal cycle.
  1. First, remove reusable filter.
  2. Then place both filter and mask in the washer.
  3. Use warm soapy water i.e. normal cycle.
Dry Dryer at normal cycle is best.  If you lay flat to dry, we recommend you give it a spin in the dryer for 15 minutes at the end for safety purposes. Place the mask ONLY in dryer and run the normal/cotton mode cycle.  Reusable filter should be airdry. If you lay flat to dry your mask, we recommend you give it a spin in the dryer for about 15 minutes at the end for safety purposes.
Press Not recommended as it can damage the middle layer. Cotton mode. Avoid elastics and nose band. Do not iron reusable filters.

* CDC and WHO do not recommend handwashing

Note: You should throw away your cloth mask after 6 months of frequent washes.  Over time, the fabric thins out and looses it filtration effeciency.