Tips and Hacks for a Safe Fit

It’s not just enough to have a great quality mask; the fit and adjustment also have to be on point to work safely! Since April 2020, I have continued to troubleshoot and improve my masks and came up with helpful tricks along the way to make your experience wearing your mask as safe and comfortable as possible.

Karina Duchastel

Karina Duchastel

Made by Karina

Bonjour Hi! I am a former electrical and software engineer from Québec City, Canada, living in Seattle since 2005. From my time working in quality assurance for voice recognition software, I care deeply about science, problem solving, and being practical. I also come from a long line of seamstresses, having learned how to sew from my mother, grandmother, and aunts. When COVID-19 hit in March, I merged my interest for science, my technical background, and my knowledge of sewing in order to create comfortable and safe masks for my family and friends. I constantly stay informed about the latest safety guidelines and strive to create the highest quality product for the people I care about!

I am not a medical doctor. The opinions expressed here are my own and are solely based on my personal experiences and various readings related to face masks reports and publications from verified sources. My website, videos or Facebook posts are not a substitute for qualified medical advice.


Watch my daughter teach us how to properly adjust a  face mask in less than 20 seconds.  

Is your mask causing dry eyes?

Dry eyes are a common recurrence among maskers but, in most cases, it is pretty harmless. Taking a few extra seconds to properly adjust your nose band will help reduce the airflow escaping at the top of your mask when you exhale... thus helping you avoiding dry eyes....

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Want to reduce fog in your glasses?

After more than 9 months of wearing face masks, I have learned that glasses fogging and dry eyes are a common but harmless recurrence.  I also came to the realization that taking a few extra seconds to properly adjust the nose band really does make a huge difference. ...

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Is your face mask poking your eyes?

A facemask that is sitting too close to your eyes is not dangerous... but it sure feels like a constant treat that your eyes might get poked 🙂  To resolve this issue, simply reposition the cord lock so that the lower lenght of the elastic band is shorter than the...

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