Topic: Nose Band Adjustment

Dry eyes are a common recurrence among maskers but, in most cases, it is pretty harmless. Taking a few extra seconds to properly adjust your nose band will help reduce the airflow escaping at the top of your mask when you exhale… thus helping you avoiding dry eyes.

I recently contacted Dr. Joyce Desrosiers, eye doctor and owner of Eye Clinic of Vero in Vero Beach, Florida.  I was curious about tthis phenomenon so I asked her if we should be concerned about this. Here’s what she had to say:

“This is a real true thing.  I’ve been seeing this issue here at my clinic all along.  But – to me it is no big deal.  It’s common sense.  If a person is not forming a wire down around their nose to make a mask fit tight- of course the air goes up in to their eyes when they exhale.  This is similar to those who have dry eye from using a CPap machine.   I just tell people to form the wire for a tight fit.  If they don’t have a wire, I tell them to get a pipecleaner and insert it to make one.  Then I have my patients use lubricating eye drops throughout the day.  We’re also seeing more chalazions and styes with masks.  It’s all a vicious cycle.”

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Acknowlegement: Dr. Joyce Desrosiers, Eye Clinic of Vero