Topic: Nose Band Adjustment

After more than 9 months of wearing face masks, I have learned that glasses fogging and dry eyes are a common but harmless recurrence.  I also came to the realization that taking a few extra seconds to properly adjust the nose band really does make a huge difference.  Read more about dry eyes.

Adjust your flexible nose band

Let’s just be honest here… wearing a face mask AND eyewear is not the best combination. But thankfully, all Made by Karina masks come with a premium nose band that is not only comfortable but also very flexible.  So in order to alleviate the fogging issue, I recommend you make sure you form a tight fit along your nose bridge – and I mean an almost perfect mold of your nose 🙂  To help with this, I like to remove my mask and rework the shape my nose band using my fingers for a sharper curve.  Doing so will help prevent the air flow from escaping at the top of your mask when you exhale.  Don’t have a nose band in your mask?  No problem!  Made by Karina also offers mask alteration services. Just email us!

Your elastics should be tight enough

If your mask is too loose, chances are that your mask is not sitting properly on your nose.  And not covering your nose is not a safe option.  Tighten your adjustable ear loops so that your mask fits snug on each side of your face… covering both your nose and chin.

Add tissue inside your mask

If I know I will be walking or breathing heavily, I like adding a paper towel folded in two or four.  It helps absorb the humidity that would otherwise fog up your eyewear.

Keep your glasses clean

 Wash your glasses with soapy water.

Cleaning the lenses with soapy water leaves a thin film that reduces the “inherent surface tension” and prods the water molecules to form a transparent layer.

 Eyewear shops also sell a variety of anti-fogging products.  But I have not tried any of them so cannot comment.

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